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We Have A Winner!

Meet the winners of Tui Hills' 2020 Wedding of the Year - Kylie and Wesley Mason, from Titirangi. You'll be seeing even more of them in the real weddings section of the January edition of  New Zealand Weddings magazine.

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Big Fat Auckland Wedding

If you want to go all out for your wedding, there's a new option available that we call The Ultimate. It includes options for accommodation, pre and post-wedding dining, activities for guests and more.

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A Real Kiwi Wedding

For New Zealanders and visitors alike, to live and marry in Aotearoa makes the wedding day all the more special. So what can you do to make your big day a real kiwi wedding? We have six suggestions.

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Why Later Is Better

With daylight saving well and truly upon us, couples are opting to start their weddings later than the usual 3pm. Many begin at 4pm, others even later. Here are 7 reasons why starting later is a good decision.

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Tui Hills’ Secret Place

Want all the resources you need to easily plan your wedding, all in one place? The password-protected MyTuiHills section of our website has everything you need, from food selection to luxury transport options.

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The Worst Wedding Mistakes

Nothing in this world is perfect, including weddings. But if you follow these tips you'll avoid making the biggest wedding mistakes and save yourself a heap of heartache. Here are six mistakes and how to dodge them.

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Bachelorette Basics

A bachelorette party is a fantastic way to celebrate the bride-to-be and the relationships, primarily with friends, that have got her to such an important point in her life. Here are seven tips for the organisers.

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New Chef Gets Fired Up

Our new head chef David O'Leary knows what it means to take businesses to the next level, and that's exactly what he's planning in his first season of working at Tui Hills, with a CV full of restaurants from around the globe.

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Overhaul For The Big Top

Going, going, gone – but not for long. Tui hills’ iconic Nikau Pavilion canopy comes down for an overhaul by Dave Giddens Sailmakers. It’s due to be back up in a little over a week, looking good as new.

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Flower Girl Dress Tips

Choosing a dress for your flower girl can be a delightful experience if you follow a few simple rules. Finding just the right dress will make her feel oh so special and far more confident to play her part.

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Best Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour can be a make or break for the success of a wedding reception. The key is for people to have an enjoyable time without over-indulging. Here are six tips for how to do it the right way.

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Vinka’s Tui Hills Showcase

When it came to finding the perfect venue to showcase Vinka Design's new Curve collection, Tui Hills was chosen, with its lush natural beauty and location just 30 minutes from central Auckland.

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