Should You Go Unplugged?


While many couples embrace the idea of a fully-wired wedding, with phone photography, social media and more, others are choosing to go in the opposite direction.

So why commit the “heresy” of having an unplugged wedding?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Make sure guests are fully engaged with the event. While fingers are busy taking pictures or making videos on mobile phones it’s difficult for those guests to be involved in the events themselves. Understandably, many couples want their friends and family to be focused on the ceremony, not technology.

2. Stop blocked views. Holding up a mobile phone can easily hinder other guests and the wedding photographer getting that breathtaking view of the married couple walking back down the aisle or the father of the bride giving his speech. Things can go from bad to worse if the photographer has to have words with guests – something that can really sour the mood.

3. Stop the noise. Modern technology has a terrible habit of creating unwanted sounds – from notifications to photo “clicks”, even if not the dreaded ringtones.

4. Control your social media. If it’s important to have the best images on Facebook and Instagram, using the photographer’s early takes on social media is preferable to a deluge of amateur shots.

If you make the decision to go unplugged, avoid unpleasantness with any tech-focused friends and family by letting them know early on about the decision and why you made it. Have your MC reiterate that on the day itself. You can also set up a sign at the venue entry reminding people as they arrive that it’s an unplugged wedding.

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