The Ideal Rehearsal

Everything You Need To Know


Everyone’s heard of a wedding rehearsal, and probably thinks it makes sense, but what does a successful one involve?

We’d definitely recommend a run-through in the week before the big day so that you get the “choreography” right, and to reduce nerves. Here are some pointers to enable you to make the most of it.

It’s ideal for the celebrant to be there, but not mandatory – This can be a chance for your celebrant to tell the main players how the day will go and to demonstrate how she/he is a safe pair of hands. That said, if they can’t make it, it’s not a big deal to have the most responsible person in your wedding party get some detailed instructions from the celebrant (preferably written) and take charge. At Tui Hills your wedding day host can assist. You might also be able to have the celebrant involved by cellphone.

Take it seriously – A rehearsal doesn’t have to take a long time. Less than half an hour is all that’s really needed. If you’re going to use your time wisely, you need to take the rehearsal seriously. Go through everything at least a couple of times and try to focus. If some of the party are a bit over-excited, that’s all fine, but at some point people have to do the mahi!

Limit the numbers – Be careful about having lots of others in attendance outside the wedding party. There’s a big danger they’ll be a distraction. If you’d like to turn it into a pre-celebration, invite the additional people to turn up at a time that will give you the opportunity to get the serious stuff out of the way first. Or you can meet them at another location afterwards, such as a restaurant. 

Get the timing right – Ceremonies are over in a flash, so learn how to slow things down a bit. Nerves can make the bride virtually gallop up the alter, so practice the walking in most of all. Apart from anything else, a slow walk-in gives your fiancee and all the guests plenty of time to savour the moment they see you in your dress for the first time. Getting the timing right for your walking in and signing table music is also key. The signing music, in particular, is often too short. Have at least three possible songs queued up.

Find out what you forgot – It’s likely you’ll find a few things you forgot about once the wedding party gets together to compare notes. As rehearsals are normally undertaken in the week before the wedding, you should have at least a day or two to rectify any problems.

Build the excitement – The rehearsal is often when the approaching wedding starts to feel real. Enjoy the anticipation and take some time to feel the excitement build.

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