Celebrating Small


Plenty of couples are considering having smaller weddings in 2020, whether that’s from reducing original numbers or just having smaller gatherings. Here are three advantages of smaller weddings that you might not have thought of.

1. Have the wedding you couldn’t afford. With fewer guests it’s possible to use the money you’re saving to have the wedding you wished you could have. You can upgrade the menu, expand the bar tab and hire those love letters and the photo booth you might have been holding back on. This especially applies to weddings where the number of guests is reduced after the initial booking.

2. Enjoy spending less time on organising.  A huge part of organising a wedding is taking care of your guests – from booking their accommodation to making up seating plans and taking care of numerous dietary requirements. With smaller numbers, so the demands on your time and energy are reduced.

3. Spend more time with your special guests. Having a big wedding has a fantastic level of excitement, but there are plenty of couples who’ve felt they didn’t have time to talk to all the guests they wanted to with so many guests. With smaller numbers, you can spend more time with all the guests, and particularly with the ones you treasure. If you’re starting out with a small wedding, you can make sure your guest list is made up only of the people you really want there – your closest friends and family.

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