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Penitoa & Grace Love Our New Pro Service


With Covid restrictions limiting guest numbers for the November wedding of Penitoa and Grace Finau, the anxious South Auckland couple needed a live streaming service that would enable friends and family who couldn’t attend feel like they were there all the same.

They got just what they needed at Tui Hills thanks to Lopstream, the venue’s new preferred live streaming provider. Using a series of unobtrusive cameras filming the events and sending the signal out through Tui Hills’ new fibre internet connection, loved ones were able to watch the video like a TV live broadcast.

Lopstream edits the camera feed just like an outside broadcaster, moving from the bridal path to the guests turning around to look at the bride, then the ceremony from another angle. There’s even some handheld footage mixed in.  As you can see from the edited video above, the results are well worth it.

Grace said there couldn’t have been a better setting for the live stream, watched across the miles:  “We love greenery and nature, and to find a venue that has that where we can be married outside in nature with trees surrounding us honestly felt so beautiful and super nice! The styling was more than I could imagine. The whole set-up from ceremony to reception was honestly beautiful.”

Tui Hills CEO Ruth Carpenter said that while it was possible to DIY live streaming, the results were unpredictable.

“In contrast, the Lopstream videographer was here a couple of hours before the wedding to make sure everything was working as it should. The last thing you want is to have the live streaming ruined by a technical hitch. As well as producing great video, Lopstream has backup plans for any unforeseen problems. The peace of mind is so worth it.”

Ask your wedding coordinator or sales staff at Tui Hills for more details.

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