The Aussies Are Coming

Borders Open To Wedding Guests


Worried about whether guests can attend your wedding from Australia? With the opening of the border in the Trans-Tasman bubble, you can now send out those invites to friends and family across the ditch and make your big day that much more special.

Tui Hills owner Ruth Carpenter said she was over the moon for couples who’d been waiting for the bubble to be created.

“We’ve pretty much lost count of the number of weddings postponed, or bookings not made, becaue key guests couldn’t make it from Australia in particular.

“Some weddings have gone ahead without those people, and other arrangements have been made such as live streaming. But nothing is as good as having all your friends and family attend in person.

 In the wake of the Trans-Tasman bubble finally becoming a reality, she was expecting dates in the calendar to fill up with more urgency.

“We’ve seen a lot of people pushing out their wedding date to 2022-23, even late 2023. Now 2021-22 is shaping up to be a full season. In which case, we advise any couples hoping to make a booking not to wait too long.”

She said that with vaccines starting to roll out, the confidence levels for couples would continue to improve. And there was the chance that guests from other parts of the world might soon find it easier to get through managed isolation without Australians filling the quarantine spots.

“Brides have been nervous about setting a date, but that’s changed since the bubble was announced. Fingers crossed now that it won’t be too long before we can see border restrictions eased for other countries.

“If nothing else, reducing the pressure on MIQ places should make it possible for the most important wedding guests, such as parents and best friends, to make it through MIQ.”

For existing wedding bookings, Tui Hills was more than happy to adjust guest numbers.

“We have a policy of working with couples to make sure they can make the best of any situation the pandemic creates. This time that flexibility will be in response to good news.”

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