Insurance Cover From $200

Worried about what could go wrong at your wedding, such as cancellation, damage or a vendor who doesn’t turn up? Wedding insurance is the answer.

That’s why Tui Hills is the leading referrer of couples to New Zealand wedding insurer WeddingCover.

Here are just some of the things you can have covered in one of their policies:

– Cancellation or postponement of a wedding due to such reasons as extreme weather

– The failure of a supplier to meet their contractual obligations

– Getting photos retaken if your photographer lets you down

– Damage caused to hired items

– Even your pre-booked honeymoon can be covered if it doesn’t go ahead as a direct result of your wedding being cancelled.

In addition to the fact this insurance is tailor-made for the risks encountered by wedding couples, it’s usually cheaper than the public liability insurance demanded by some venues, which essentially covers only damage that can be done by you and your guests.

As standard, we recommend that every couple gets the bronze package, which is available from as little as $200 for up to $7,500 cover in the event of cancellation or postponement (conditions apply), with many other benefits such as $3,000 of coverage for the failure of a supplier and $5 million in public liability. For higher premiums the cover increases, up to $60,000 cancellation or postponement for the top platinum package. All premiums and cover are subject to change.

Ask your wedding coordinator if it’s a good idea to look at wedding insurance for your big day.

Please note: As with other insurance policies, WeddingCover doesn’t insure losses resulting from communicable disease outbreaks, such as measles or covid-19.

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