Raise A Glass

You’ll love our selection from the best of New Zealand and international beverage
suppliers. Here are some of our treasured alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands.

West Auckland’s Finest

Nestled in the beautiful Ararimu Valley, just a short drive from Tui Hills, Westbrook is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected boutique wineries.

The renowned wine-making Ivicevich family began the legacy in 1935. With a new wine-loving family at the helm, Westbrook’s range of award-winning vintages made it an easy choice to select Westbrook as our local wine partner.

Champagne Tastes

It’s said that that there’s always an occasion that calls for champagne. Our headliners are Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon, from Reims and Epernay respectively. We’re also happy to order in Moet Ice and Dom Perignon from the same supplier.

Beyond the champagne region of France, there are some fine local suppliers, including Westbrook’s Methode Traditionelle.

The Local Brew

With a 1 2 3 4, Hallertau became one of the leaders in the NZ craft beer boom. Those first four beers, with their iconic numbering, established Hallertau as a truly independent brewery set on twisting beer traditions for new sensations. The ingredient that keeps Hallertau’s beer at the top of a crowded market. 

Hallertau is Tui Hills’ premium craft beer, available on tap and in bottles, alongside ever-popular brands such as Heineken and Corona.

Gin From Riverhead

On the rolling hills of Riverhead, Trish and Jason Delamore create award-winning lavender and saffron-infused gin made organically on the aptly-named Lavender Hill. And if that’s not enough, they also use lemons from their property to make Limoncello to die for.

Retro Fizz

Foxton Fizz has been the taste of summer (and every other season) for more than a century. If you or your kids are in the mood for a raspberry treat, green with envy for a lime soda, or feel like a classic lemonade, creaming soda or kola, Foxton Fizz is the answer.

Beans From The Beach

Maybe it’s the sea air, but there’s something special about coffee from Bethell’s Beanz, just a 15 minute drive from Tui Hills. We love the fact that this boutique roaster is passionate about high-quality coffee, fair trade organic and protecting the environment.

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