Photographers + Videographers

The images of your special day are part of the memories you have after the last dance ends. We’ve selected
a range of recommended professionals we know will produce stunning pictures and video to treasure.

Nicola Topping

Nicola is an award-winning photographer with more than 25 years experience. Most of the wedding photos on this web site were taken by her.

Her natural style, and ability to make subjects feel instantly at ease, comes from her background as a newspaper photographer with more than 13 years experience at the NZ Herald. She’s also worked on numerous photoshoots for magazines such as Viva, Woman’s Day, and New Idea.

Awards for her work, include the Qantas Press awards, Kodak Gold awards, and gold and silver merits at the Iris Professional Photography awards.

Nicola’s fees range from $1,000-$3,180 incl GST (subject to any change).

Lionel Tan

Highly experienced working at Tui Hills, Lionel brings professionalism and a great sense of style, particularly with his use of light to produce that special shot.

“Keeping your wedding day a relaxed and wonderful experience is a huge part of what I do!

“As you start planning your wedding, I’ll be there to provide suggestions and share creative ideas with you – ensuring we are on the same page and letting you focus on having a great time.”

Lionel’s fees range from $1,000-$3,100 incl GST (subject to any change).

Emma Keirle

Emma’s work regularly graces the pages of New Zealand’s leading bridal magazines, and we’re excited to have her on board.

“You’ve found your safe place, your haven within all the crazy wedding planning. I get that it can seem overwhelming at first, so many choices to be made. But I’m here to make it easier from start to finish.

“You’ll get amazing images (that’s a given) but so much more. I’ll be your friend and cheerleader for the whole experience and I promise it will be fun.”

Emma’s fees range from $3,500-$4,500 incl GST (subject to any change).

Jo Currie

Jo is highly experienced with an amazing eye for that special shot – the split second when you capture the essence of the whole day.

That’s a skill honed by editorial work, with Jo making frequent trips overseas to far-flung places for part of each year, that’s when she’s not producing brilliant images in Auckland of weddings, families and kids. Look at her portfolio to see her at her best.

“I’m not really one for waxing lyrical about myself…but I love taking pictures.”

Jo’s fees range from $1,500-$3,600 incl GST (subject to any change).

Sarah Weber

Sarah is an experienced professional wedding photographer based in West Auckland. Her style is both fun and enthusiastic with a sense of calm.

She loves to get to know her couples to bring out their personalities be it shy or silly. She flits between candid documentary to timeless art style. This lends to creatively capturing all those special moments and storytelling throughout the wedding day.

“I love getting to know you, to bring out your shy or silly personalities in your photos.”

Sarah’s fees range from $2,000-$3,900 incl GST (subject to any change).


Jetmo Project

Your wedding, our masterpiece!

We believe that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and we help capture every special moment for you to treasure and relive forever. We have an exceptional way of telling your story by producing a professional and artistically edited video.

We work behind the scenes to seize every experience in an unobtrusive way, making sure that no important detail will be missed.

We at JETMO PROJECT commit ourselves in providing you with a professional, friendly and hassle-free service. Our promise to you is that your wedding day will be a love story passed on to generations, a masterpiece to cherish forever.

Fees are POA.

Jonny Scott

One of Auckland’s cutting-edge wedding photographer/videographers he can do either or both for your wedding), Jonny began taking pictures at the age of seven using his father’s cameras. Shortly after, his family moved to the United States.

“I was able to photograph things I would have never had dreamed of. The Rocky Mountains, Glaciers, San Juan Islands, Marmots, Coyotes, and so much more. People and fashion were the next progressive step for me, and I loved working with people.

“But upon getting married (to my beautiful wife Pia), I realised that working extremely closely with couples on the biggest day of their lives was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

“My name is Jonny Scott, I am a Wedding Photographer based out of Auckland. Every photographer has a style, and mine is a soft palette of romantic, dreamy, and intimate.”

Jonny’s fees range from $5,520-$17,537 incl GST (subject to any change).

Chris Street – Up&Up

As his company’s name implies, Chris specialises in wedding video and still photography – even short Instagram videos – from drones, giving you a special perspective on your big day.

“I offer a full range of wedding video services and options. Whether it’s the full monty, capturing every part of your day from start to finish, or just a couple of hours here and there, there’s a package to suit. Using our ground camera, gimbal and sound gear we’ll capture every angle we can and produce a wonderful piece of film you’ll remember forever.

“We also have a bespoke drone wedding video package where we shoot just a couple hours of amazing drone footage for you, great for showing off an amazing venue or setting.”

Chris’s fees range from $2,300-$3,550 incl GST (subject to any change).

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