A Real Kiwi Wedding


For New Zealanders and visitors alike, to live and marry in Aotearoa makes the wedding day all the more special. So what can you do to make your big day a real kiwi wedding? Here are six suggestions:

1. The right venue. Forget about mock-European style or soulless modern buildings – find a place that is quintessentially New Zealand, nestled in the bush, high on a mountain or overlooking a dramatic sea view. Natural beauty is hugely important to give the right backdrop. Alternatively, think about marrying in an historic building, on a sheep station, on a marae or at another sacred place. 

2. Kiwi cuisine. New Zealand is blessed with some of the best produce, meat and seafood available anywhere in the world. Make sure your menu showcases that food. For a budget solution, try barbeque options. Or you can go the whole hog and enjoy fine dining with fine ingredients.

3. Local wines and beers. The same goes at the bar. Fine local wines, craft beers and old kiwi favourites should be centre stage. 

4. New Zealand music. What better way to celebrate your wedding the kiwi way than to play local music. The choices are endless. From Crowded House to six60. From Herbs to Amba Holly.

5. Kiwiana in the decorations. It doesn’t mean you have to have buzzy bees hanging from the ceiling (although that would  make a statement), but there are plenty of kiwi decoration ideas, including native New Zealand flowers and plants such as toi toi. 

6. Maori language celebrant. Having all, or some of your ceremony spoken in te reo realy is something special, and appropriate, in Aotearoa.

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