A Special (Week) Day


What is the best day of the week to get married? – here’s our list from worst to best.  The top pick may surprise you.

8th. Tuesday

Not a great day for guests who work, and it’s a school night. You’re also unlikely to save extra money on this day compared to say a Wednesday or Thursday. Has to be a last resort unless there’s a special reason to do with the date itself.

7th. Monday

Has all the problems of a Tuesday, except if it’s on a public holiday. That said, public holidays are a bit of a double-edged sword as guests are often not so keen to give up their long weekend.

6th. Wednesday

It has the problems of Monday and Tuesday, but somehow being closer to the weekend makes up for it. It’s also a favourite day for venue discounts and specials, including at Tui Hills.

5th. Thursday

Oh so close to the weekend that many guests will be happy to take off one extra day and give themselves a four-day weekend. Plus it’s payday, or the day after payday, which somehow puts people in a more festive mood. You’re also likely to get a good discount, although not as big as for Wednesday.

4th. Sunday

Although it’s a workday on Monday, Sunday is becoming increasingly popular as it allows Saturday as a travel and preparation day. It’s a particularly good option on a long weekend, provided your guests aren’t going away on holiday.

3rd. Friday

It’s party time, with Saturday to sleep in. Traditionally the second most popular wedding day, with no sign of that changing. It also tends to weed out obligation guests who might not want to give up a day’s pay to attend the wedding of a distant relative, if that’s an advantage to you.

2nd. Saturday

The holy grail for wedding couples, and easily the most popular day of the week. If you want a Saturday be prepared to pay a bit extra though. No venues or vendors offer discounts.

1st. None of the above
Which is to say that you shouldn’t get fixated with what day of the week it is. When you show people your wedding photos in years to come, no one is going to ask “what day of the week was that”? The people who are really important to you will turn up on whatever day of the week you choose. So if you love the venue, caterer and so on, adjust your day to be able to book. It also gives you more freedom to find a day within your spending range if that’s a restriction.

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