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If you want to get to your venue and make an entrance, there are plenty of ways to do it. Here are 7 wedding transport ideas to inspire you, suitable for the bride, groom or both together.

 1. Limousine. A timeless and elegant way to arrive. And if you want to bring the rest of your attendants with you, a limo will do the trick.

2. Vintage/Classic Car. Perhaps your parents know somebody with one or have a classic of their own. Or you can rent from a commercial wedding car company or even a car club. Apart from the style aspect, it ensures your car photos will never date. 

3. Horse and Carriage. Go completely old school, including the means of propulsion. The biggest problem is going to be finding one, and also finding a route that doesn’t go near a motorway or heavy traffic.

4. Luxury Electric Car. Imagine turning up in a Tesla – so contemporary, cool and whisper quiet. It also shows your commitment to green energy.

5. Tandem Bicycle. Now you’re really talking eco-friendly. Best used for the very last hundred metres though. You don’t want to turn up bathed in perspiration. And watch our for the dress getting caught in the wheels.

6. Party Bus/Coach. For the couple who wants to ride along with the guests and get the party started before reaching the venue.

7. None Of The Above. If you hire the Tui Suite, you can simply drive to the venue and enjoy a fun time getting ready on-site, complete with pro hair and make-up stations and minibar.

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