Flower Girl Dress Tips


Choosing a dress for your flower girl can be a delightful experience if you follow a few simple rules. Finding just the right dress will make her feel oh so special and far more confident to play her part. Here are six tips on how to choose the best dress for the littlest member of the wedding party.

1. Match the colour and style. The bride’s dress and the colours chosen for the attendants should dictate the colour and style of your flower girl’s dress. A white or ivory frock usually works best, although matching the bridesmaid’s dresses is another option. If in doubt, try asking the little lady herself.

2. Think Of The Season. Be mindful that a little girl is even more susceptible to weather and temperature than an adult. So go for a lightweight sleeveless dress and sandals in summer and consider adding a cardigan and tights if the wedding’s in a cooler month.

3. Plan for her to grow into it. Often dresses and shoes are picked out well in advance of the wedding. In the case of the flower girl, even a few months could see her outgrow what was a perfect fit, so go with an outfit at least one size up.

4. Be careful choosing the fabric. It’s important to try to match the aesthetic, but try to stay away from any fabric that will be itchy, too heavy or stiff.  Try satin or other fabrics which resist wrinkling, are durable and comfortable.

5. Pick the right length. Normally the dress is full-length, or tea-length which comes a little below the knee. For younger children, the slightly shorter length is preferable to avoid a tripping hazard.

6. Think about the cost. There’s a wide range of costs, from designer flower girl dresses to mass-produced party dresses. As the parents of the girl are likely to be paying for the dress, make sure it fits with their budget and means before making suggestions. The easiest thing may be to give them the choice of any dress in the particular fabric and colour you have in mind.

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