Making Mother’s Day


This mother’s day, let’s think about ways you can involve your mum in your wedding. After all, she’s likely to be just as excited as you are. Here are six top ideas that she’ll love.

1. The first look – Make sure that your mum is the first one to see you dressed and ready for the big day.

2. Surprise her with a gift – An unexpected gift from you will mean the world to your mum. Try to make it something like jewellery which will last forever. Include a heartfelt note with whatever you buy.

3. Have her walk you down the aisle – It’s very much the done thing now for fathers and mothers to walk their daughter, or son, down the aisle. There’s no prouder moment.

4. Schedule a dance with your mother – This might go without saying for grooms and their mothers, but a mother and daughter dance can be even more special.

5. Use some of her favourite flowers – Find out what flowers you mother loves (if she hasn’t told you already) and include at least some of those in your bouquet and/or venue flowers. Your florist can advise you what works best.

6. Borrow something from her – A pin, a handkerchief, even her engagement ring – wear or carry something from your mum on the big day, preferably something she had with her on her big day.

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