Why Later Is Better


With daylight saving well and truly upon us, couples are opting to start their weddings later than the usual 3pm. Many begin at 4pm, others even later. Here are 7 reasons why later is better.

1. Avoid the heat. the usual 3pm start is in the hottest part of the day. By delaying until 4pm or later the edge is taken off the temperature, which makes it much more pleasant for all concerned.

2. Better lighting for photos. When the sun goes down, or is nearing that phase, you get the golden light that can make amazing photographs. It’s also easier to pose when you haven’t got the blinding sun in your eyes.

3. More preparation time. A later start means more time to get decorations in place, and to get that hair, make-up and dress looking just so – especially if you’ve booked the Tui Suite with its professional hair and make-up stations.

4. You’ll be dancing in the dark. Daylight saving means the sun goes down late. It doesn’t really get dark until after 9pm. Dancing in the dark is probably more the image you had in mind when it came to that dreamy first dance. Starting later will make that come true.

5. Easier timing for guests. The standard 3pm can be awfully close to lunchtime, which rather squeezes the time available for your guests to get organised and to the venue. An extra hour will take the pressure off them, especially for a weekday wedding where some might work a half-day first.

6. Eat at a more appropriate time. An early start can mean the dinner gong rings as early as 5.30pm-6pm. That’s not a time most people go out for a restaurant meal, so why make them start eating earlier?

7. Stay fresher. Even though Tui Hills hosts until midnight, weddings that start at 3pm often wind up at 11pm because eight hours is long enough for most guests, and the bride and groom. You’ll stay fresher later by starting later.

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