Save On Your Bar Tab


As couples endeavour to keep their wedding budget under control, many are looking at ways to rein in spending on alcohol. Luckily, there are now plenty of options.

Traditionally, the bride and groom paid for everything. But as younger couples in particular struggle to save for a house deposit or pay off student loans, that expectation isn’t what it used to be. Safety messages around drink driving have also played a part.

So have a look at these cost savers:

1. Limit the sorts of drinks guests get for free. The beer-and-wine-only option has been around a long time, but extra restrictions can be placed on the brands of beer and wine available in favour of low-cost options. It can help to make those brands very prominent and you can even have the fridges/shelves stripped of more expensive drinks.

2. Limit the time for the free bar. There is an obvious correlation between the time spent drinking, and the amount.

3. Use drink tokens. If you want to pay for a limited number of standard drinks, you can give each guest an appropriate number of tokens. If they want to drink more, they can pay, and tokens can be shared around in families or groups where some are light drinkers or teetotal.

4. Have a small(ish) bar tab. Much the same as the time limit on drinking, you limit drinking by the amount you put on the bar. Once that’s gone, it’s over to the guests to pay, individually or for others to shout. as with all these options, it’s important to let guests know about this ahead of time.

4. Have guests pay for all their alcoholic drinks. In some parts of the world – notably in Britain – it’s commonplace for guests to pay for all their drinks. You’ll be surprised how understanding guests will be if they’re told about the cash bar beforehand, but if you’re nervous about how it will be received you can say that helping with the bar tab is the equivalent of a wedding present. Who needs another toaster anyway!

5. Try a bubbles package. At Tui Hills there’s a discount on packages that include Veuve Clicquot, Moet& Chandon, Westbrook Methode or Prosecco.

To talk over what drinks package is right for you, just talk to Tui Hills’ wedding coordinators.

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