Ruth’s Wedding Tips

Tui Hills’ owner, Ruth Carpenter, passes on her thoughts about how to make
your wedding the best ever for you and your guests.

 Top 10 Tips

 1. Don’t be shy on your venue quest – When looking for a venue, don’t be afraid to tell the staff or owners exactly what you’re looking for, and any problems you identify at the viewing. You don’t want to lose out on what was initially your dream venue because you wrongly assumed a perceived problem couldn’t be remedied.

2. Keep within your spending range – By far the biggest savings can be made by limiting the number of guests, although you’ll have to weigh that up against whether anyone would be offended of course.  If the menu is $100 per person, one less table of 10 can reduce the cost by $1000. Another way to stay in budget is to have a small bar tab, or even none at all. In some parts of the world this is very much the done thing and can reduce the overall cost by thousands. Just make sure you explain it to your guests beforehand. You may be surprised how understanding they are.

3. Have fun and stay safe – If you know your friends like a drink or three, make sure everyone has fun and stays safe by hiring a coach. It might sound expensive, but per head it’s a lot cheaper than taxis and Ubers, and your friends are likely to be happy to pay their share rather than driving. A late-evening supper or snack platter is another good idea for soaking up the alcohol and giving guests the energy to keep dancing.

Also be mindful of hygiene and distancing requirements in the wake of Covid 19.

4. Easy payments – Concerned about financing your wedding? Aside from Tui Hills’ no-interest payment plan, you can get a loan from a number of financial institutions. If thinking of going that way, our recommendation is to go to a bank where interest rates are relatively low, rather than a finance company.

5. Reduce the risk – If you’re worried about something going wrong on your big day, have a look at wedding insurance. For as little as a few hundred dollars you can cover part or all of the cost of your wedding against the unexpected.

6. Enough to eat – Be guided by the chef regarding the amount of food needed for your guests. Chefs are the professionals who know about wedding appetites.  It’s easy to over-estimate how much people eat, not taking into account the fact that for every big-eating guest there’ll be others who’ll eat very little.

7. Make it as effortless as possible – Organising a wedding is a big job and can be extremely stressful. Some say it’s like taking on a second job. If that’s not for you, think about an all-inclusive wedding package such as our Concierge, where we do the hard yards for you.

It saves a lot of time finding the right vendors, and you know that all those we recommend are familiar with the venue and meet our high standards. Alternatively, a wedding planner can help reduce the workload. You can also ask one of our wedding coordinators for help with the things that are the biggest challenge. There may be a charge for planning time, but it’s likely to be worth it for the savings in time, stress and other costs. If you prefer to organise the wedding yourself, and want to keep the time spent to a minimum, there are some smaller details that are not essential such as favours, expensive stationery or elaborate place names.

8. Choosing vendors – When picking vendors (and venues for that matter), two key things to look for are high quality work and people you can relate to and trust. If it feels like you’re just being treated like couple 1001, or you’re not being taken seriously, find someone or somewhere else. Service is important.

9. Happy guests make a happy wedding – Think about what your guests would enjoy as well as your own preferences. Choose a main menu that suits most people’s tastes – you can always organise a special menu for the top table. If guests are travelling from overseas, think about nearby accommodation. Tailor your bar tab to suit the drinks your guests enjoy.  Would edible wedding favours be better than a small keepsake?  Would a photobooth provide more entertainment than a live band?

10. Make fun the priority – Remove the word “perfect” from your personal dictionary. Getting hung-up on perfection adds greatly to stress levels and can turn the day itself into an anti-climax or worse. Remember, the important thing is marrying the person you love while enjoying the day with your friends and family. Everything else is just detail.

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