One Becomes Two


Worried about overseas guests not being able to attend your wedding? Have concerns about restrictions on gatherings? Join other couples who’ve booked two dates at once, at no extra charge, and got themselves peace of mind.

Whilst it’s still possible to book just one date, and then look for another date later if you have to postpone, by booking two dates straightaway you’ll know exactly what date you’re getting. That makes planning a lot easier – especially for your guests – and you don’t have to worry about whether you can find a workable date second time round.

We’ve had a number of couples come to us who have had venues cancel on them or had onerous conditions placed on postponement. Our Wedding Assurance plan keeps things simple and straightforward, with no hidden costs.

Here’s How It Works

The Tui Hills Wedding Assurance Plan gives couples booking weddings for dates up to the end of May 2021 the option to book a second date that can be used if the first is unable to proceed for reasons related to Covid-19.

Choose your preferred date, and a second “backup” date within 12 months of the first. The second date is also a firm booking – something you can tell your guests or just keep in reserve knowing you’re covered.

If you’re unable to proceed with the first date for any reason related to Covid-19, your wedding, and all payments towards it, will be moved to the second date at no additional cost to you. Some terms and conditions apply.

To find out more, send an enquiry below, remembering to tick the Wedding Assurance box. Or you can talk to our wedding coordinator at your viewing.

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