Engaged! – What Now?


Valentines Day is the most popular day of the year to pop the question. If you’re one of those couples who’ve just got engaged, what are the first steps you should take to organise your wedding?

Here’s some sage advice from Tui Hills’ CEO Ruth Carpenter:

1. Don’t panic – It might seem like there’s a lot to do, and no time to do it in, but if you take the right approach you can do it easily. We once organised an entire wedding in 17 days.

2. Research first, act later – The excitement of a recent engagement can propel couples into a whirlwind of activity. Before making the many decisions you’ll need to make, do some research. Find out what style you like and what aspects of a wedding are really important. Is the food more important than the flowers? Is the look of the venue important? Then make a plan.

3. Decide how much time you have to work on planning, and organise accordingly – If you work full-time, be aware that organising a wedding from scratch with no prior experience is the equivalent of taking on a second job. Thankfully, there are people who can take that burden away, such as wedding planners. Some venues, including Tui Hills, even offer packages where almost all the work is done for you by venue planners.

4. Start with the venue and go from there – Why is the venue the most important piece of the puzzle? It’s because you almost always need to know the availability of the venue to determine the date. The date and place are crucial for invitations, but also for making decisions on other suppliers such as florists and hire companies.

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