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Tui Hills welcomes leading craft brewer Hallertau as its premium beer supplier. Just a short drive from the venue, the brewery has a wide range of flavours, from lager styles to hoppy IPAs.

Hallertau describes its ethos as twisting beer traditions for new sensations:

“Beer breweries big and small are all touting purity and natural ingredients these days. It’s brilliant. But it should be a given with craft beer.

” After the mash has settled what we all really want is a good liquid mood enhancer – full of aromas, enlivening flavours and great hop character. We make our beer with our hands and use only yeast, rainwater, and fistfuls of hops. It’s all about subtle differences in varieties and combinations.

The Hallertau branding revolves around humble numbers which correspond to the various styles. Each number also corresponds to a name.

“The Auckland locals tasted and debated the characteristics of our NZ craft beer and created potential names.

“Some names were unprintable, and some just plain embarrassing, but the vote was cast and now the beers have real names as is the tradition with craft beer. Nevertheless, the numbers have stuck around.”

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