Standing The Heat

Staying Cool When It’s Not


When temperatures soar into the high 20s, maybe even the 30s in the middle of summer, coping with the heat requires some planning. Follow these tips to keep your cool throughout the day.

1. Start your ceremony at 4pm, maybe later – If you’re having a ceremony in a beautiful outdoor location, by 4pm the heat’s starting to go out of the day and your guests will find more areas of shade as shadows lengthen a little. You’ll still have plenty of daylight for photos.

2. Make sure there are seats for every guest – If you think sitting in the heat is bad, you should try standing! It’s puzzlingly common for wedding venues to make some or even most of the guests stand for the entire ceremony. Make sure your venue, like Tui Hills, has chairs for everyone.

3. Set up a water and sunscreen station – While guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin, they should have refreshing ice water and sunscreen available. Ask your venue about what’s possible.

4. Air conditioning – This is probably not quite the issue it used to be, but check your venue has a good airconditioning system. At Tui Hills we have two separate systems so that in the unlikely event one fails, the other can still carry on.

5. The right make-up – Tell your make-up artist if you’re going to be in the bright sunshine for any length of time. They will know the right products to apply so that everything stays picture-perfect.

6. Umbrellas, canopies and other artificial shade – This can be a great solution, especially if the canopy is outdoors and ensures shade for all. Individual umbrellas can be worthwhile if used well – make sure they don’t get in the way of a good view or the photographer’s sightlines though.

Of course, the ultimate way to avoid issues with warm weather is to marry indoors or in winter. These are fine options, but nothing is quite the same as a beautiful summer ceremony outdoors. With a little planning, you can make the most of the glorious kiwi summer. And remember, most ceremonies take less than 30 minutes.

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