First Steps To A Venue


Whether it’s a school hall or a specialist wedding venue, finding the right place for your big day is a crucial decision. Here are six first steps in your search, with an accent on flexibility.

1. Have an approximate date in mind – The “when” of the wedding can only be finalised when you have a date in mind. So don’t get too fixated on one date or day of the week. The year and month should be enough. Venues sell out fast and you don’t want to have a fixation on a particular day to stop you from holding your wedding in the ideal spot.

2. Keep guest numbers in mind – Start off with an idea of numbers, but realise that it’s almost certain some people won’t be able to make it. The key is to get an idea of maximum numbers to match the capacity of the venue. If the place is good enough – and to save money – it’s okay to consider paring back the guest list before the invitations go out. Again, flexibility will get you a better outcome.

3. Location, location, location – First of all pick country and city/town. From there, you need to work out how far the address is from where you live, and where most of your guests live. It need not be that close though. Use of coaches to transport guests to a more remote location is a great safety option and builds team spirit among those attending.

4. It’s about the people, not just the physical venue – This may be the most overlooked aspect of venue choice. Having friendly and organised staff at the venue makes you confident that things will run smoothly and your guests will feel welcome. Snootiness and failure to communicate well during the enquiry process are bad signs you need to be on the lookout for.

5. Look and feel – This has to be right, but don’t get too fixated. Flexibility on style opens up more choice. No layout, decor, garden or view is going to be perfect, so think about how each venue you see might be made to work, rather than constantly looking for problems.

6. Budget – There’s little point visiting venues way out of your financial comfort zone, but think carefully how broad that might be. A good venue will work with you to make the numbers fit.

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