Minimoons Pros And Cons


In response to the twin pressures of time and money, couples are starting to turn to minimoons as an alternative to the traditional two-week honeymoon.

A long weekend on Waiheke Island, a city break in Melbourne, or spending three days at a luxury hotel in your home city – the options are endless.

What are the pros and cons of a shortened break for the newlyweds?

Pro: Your bank balance will love you – Shorter time means less money spent

Pro: It’s easier to get time off – Depending on your individual circumstances it might be difficult to take a long holiday at the time you want to get married, or perhaps you can’t leave your business/DIY project/pet pooch longer than a few days.

Pro: You can afford more luxury – Fewer days means you have more money to spend on each day, allowing you to do something you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

Con: You won’t get much time to decompress – After the stress of organising the wedding, perhaps a three day break isn’t enough recovery time.

Con: The boss might be tempted to call you – If you’re not away on an extended holiday, particularly if you’re having your minimoon near your home city, it may be tempting for the boss to email/phone/text you.

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