Autumn Wedding Tips

Make the Most of April and May Dates


Getting married in autumn can be the perfect decision.  Here are seven things to bear in mind about a wedding after the main wedding season.

1. Autumn for weddings lasts for only two months – Whilst the season goes from March to May on the calendar, wedding venues and vendors count March as part of the peak season, particularly as daylight savings keeps the summer feel going. You need to plan accordingly, with may likely to afford you the best discounts.

2. Avoid the squeeze on dates (perhaps) – As couples tend to want to get married in the peak part of summer, booking in April and particularly May, should give you a great chance to get that Saturday wedding you wanted but couldn’t get. That said, with many weddings being transferred from Covid-affected parts of 2020, autumn 2021 and 2022 might not be as easy to book as normal. Our advice is to get in early.

3. Prepare for the cold – Temperatures can drop sharply in autumn, particularly after daylight savings ends in April. Be careful not to think you’re getting a summer wedding in a different month. If you do get an uncharacteristically balmy day that’s a huge bonus, but you’re better off to plan for the weather to be more, well, autumn. Flimsy bridesmaids’ outfits might not be a good idea and you might not want to linger outside so long during cocktail hour.

4. Have a great wet-weather option – The chances of rain increase in autumn, so be sure to have a good plan-b, and be reconciled to the fact it might well have to be used if the skies open or even if there are on-and-off showers. At Tui Hills, we have the ability to hold the ceremony outside under the cover of the Nikau Pavilion in most weather, and the Nectar Room comes complete with a natural flame fire.

5. Think about the seasonal options – Once summer is over, the availability of certain types of flowers and food will start to change. Remember too, that the outdoor appearance of your preferred venue is also likely to change. Venues with native gardens, such as Tui Hills, tend to be less affected by the change of season. Some venues suffer from a lot of leaf fall and trees can look rather different as the leaves change colour or disappear altogether.

6. Timing is important – To make your day go better you might consider starting your wedding an hour earlier to take account of the loss of daylight saving. The change in light will also have an effect on photo opportunities.

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