Help Them Eat Cake


Wedding cake is too often regarded as an item to be seen cutting rather than eating. But if you get the right cake maker it’s a delicious addition to your reception: 5 cake facts you need to know. 

1. Cakes aren’t created equal. It’s easy to think that one cake is much the same as the next, but we know from experience that isn’t the case. At Tui Hills we’ve seen burnt, soggy, fluffy and almost tasteless cakes from some suppliers. So make sure that beauty doesn’t just go icing deep.

2. A great cake maker makes all the difference. Experienced cake makers with a great reputation, such as Cake & Co’s Jackie King, have standards to uphold. That guarantees they’ll get your cake just right. That can’t always be said for an amateur, part-timer or large commercial baker. Be careful not to try to save a few dollars and end up with a sub-standard eating experience.

3. A great cake saves money on dessert.  It’s a point often missed, but if you’re trying to control costs, a good cake will cost you a fraction of the price of dessert.

4. You can have more than one flavour in a cake. Couples sometimes overlook that if the groom wants banana and the bride wants red velvet, it’s possible to incorporate those in different layers, keeping everyone happy. Just make sure you ask.

5. Make sure your cake is properly constructed. A wedding cake is a little like a building. If it isn’t made properly it can literally fall over. Although we’ve never had it happen at Tui Hills, there are plenty of horror stories of top layers of cakes sliding off in the heat or icing melting. A professional cake maker will make sure the cake is properly constructed and be able to arrange delivery and storage so that nothing bad happens in the hours before the cake is served.

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