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10 Fun Wedding Tips

Get the Most From Your Big Day


Your wedding day should be the happiest of your life. So stop worrying and plan for happiness by following these 10 simple tips to create a fun wedding that you and your guests will look back on and smile.

1. Let Someone Else Do the Planning – To whatever degree it’s possible in your budget, get professional help with planning. That might mean someone to organise the whole thing, co-ordinate on the day, or just give advice. Not having the stress of planning will make the day and the months before seem like a breeze. Tui Hills’ concierge planning service is one way you can lighten the burden. Every couple who have chosen that option will tell you it was the best decision they made. Ask us for more details.

2. Have the Right Attitude – There’s an old saying that perfect is the enemy of great. If you expect everything on your day to go perfectly, you’re in for disappointment. The happiest couples are always the ones who are determined to have fun, no matter what, and don’t sweat it when things go wrong.

3. Serve Great Food – Dining is a big part of the wedding. You and your guests will remember if the food was more food-court standard than gourmet. So, if you can, splash out to have a great meal. Tui Hills offers a wide range of menus, all designed to be memorable for the right reasons.

4. Have a Plan for Kids – Little ones need looking after at a wedding. Whilst adults might be having a great time, if their children are bored, unhappy or running riot, the gloss will be taken off the day. Tui Hills has a range of services for kids, including high-chairs, colouring books, games, and even a recommended baby-sitting service.

5. Change Into Something Comfortable – Once the photos are over, brides should think about wearing something more comfortable for the reception and/or dancing. If your venue has a bride’s room like the Tui Suite, changing clothes is quick and easy.

6. Plan Surprise Entertainment – Your guests will love entertainment while you’re away getting your photos taken, or at the reception. We can recommend a wide range of live music acts and you could also consider a magician, dancers or even a comedian.

7. Play Music Everyone Can Dance To – Remember that your wedding is likely to include a wide range of ages and musical tastes, so try to have something for everyone. The folks at our music partners DJ4YOU and Better Bands can advise you and make sure you get just the right playlist.

8. Utilise The Bride’s Room – Whether it’s needing to freshen up, fix your makeup, change your clothes, or just get away from the hubbub for a while, the Tui Suite in the main venue building is the perfect space for getting ready and during the reception. There are refreshments available and salon-quality hair and makeup stations.

9. Take Time Off Before the Wedding – Don’t make the mistake of working long hours in the run-up to the wedding taking care of last minute tasks, then arriving on the day tired and frazzled. Take at least one day off beforehand, preferrably longer. We can recommend places to stay near the venue. 

10. Get a Venue With Great Service – A friendly face, reassuring words of encouragement and professional service are what you need on your wedding day. Make sure you’ve picked a venue that delivers that. We’ve almost lost count of the number of testimonials we’ve received from couples who couldn’t talk more highly about our team of Shelby, Marieke and Virginia.

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