Seats For All


There’s a solemn promise we make to all guests at Tui Hills: you’ll never have to stand through the ceremony.

It might seem like the most basic aspect of holding a wedding, but it’s common for wedding venues to supply ceremony chairs for only half of the guests. The rationale is that seats are only needed for the disabled or older guests, or guests with young children and/or babies. But that’s only part of the story.

For starters, even the fit and healthy deserve some comfort, especially if they are standing for up to an hour from the time they arrived at the venue.

Then there’s the question of people being able to see the ceremony properly. Ever been to a concert where it’s hard to see past the person standing in front of you? The same applies at a wedding.

And lastly, providing every guest with a seat reflects well on the wedding couple’s thoughtfulness.

At Tui Hills,  we have a full set of white folding ceremony chairs (120), plus a second full set of dining chairs and plenty of chairs in the Nikau Pavilion for the after-ceremony drinks. And all of these are included in your venue hire at no extra charge.

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