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If some of your nearest and dearest can’t make your wedding, or aren’t allowed to by Covid restrictions, you can use powerful new live streaming infrastructure at Tui Hills to broadcast your wedding to the world.

With increasing demand from couples wanting to stream their weddings to friends and family who can’t attend in person, we’ve taken the lockdown break to extend wifi coverage into the whole of the main ceremony area in the Kowhai Glade. Cameras can now be set up at the rear of the guest seating, and off to the side of the ceremony area.

Just as importantly, Tui Hills now has an ultra-fast fibre broadband connection which makes it possible to stream at high-resolution around the world – no more lagging or loss of picture at a crucial moment.

Tui Hills’ owner Ruth Carpenter says the venue didn’t want to promote live streaming until the technical problems had been taken care of. “We’ve had some weddings and events live-streamed, but there were limitations, particularly for guests viewing from overseas. It’s important to us that our guests have the best experience possible.”

Hire A Pro For a Great Outcome

Tui Hills recommends using a professional streaming service rather than leaving it to guests. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Your Wedding Deserves a Pro – It’s the biggest day of your life. Do you want to rely on someone who’s never streamed a wedding before and doesn’t have professional equipment or worse still has been press-ganged into service and will just be using a camera? A pro is what you and your guests watching the ceremony deserve.

2. Discrete, Unobtrusive Filming – A videographer or live streaming company knows how to get the images without getting in the way. Guests have a habit of blocking the views of other guests and the wedding photographer, particularly if using a handheld camera or phone.

3. Better Angles, No Shaky Cam – Use of tripods and knowledge of what makes the best angle to shoot from can make all the difference to far-away guests seeing what they need to.

4. Clear Sound – Directional microphones, knowing how to set the volume and capture the all-important “I dos” mean you won’t have viewers straining to hear what’s going on.

5. Top Image Quality – Having a quality camera to deliver the best resolution and quality shouldn’t be overlooked.

6. Peace of Mind – The last thing you need to be worrying about on your big day is a technical hitch or your designated guest videographer making a mistake and missing the whole thing. Professionals have backup plans, including creating downloadable videos for relatives who couldn’t be in front of their computers at the right time or if the internet has an unexpected outage.

7. More Streaming/Viewing Options – A pro should offer a range of options for guests to view on the day without loss of resolution or choppy video – especially important for people overseas. And, as already mentioned, they can set up a professional download service for those who want to view later or keep the video as a memory.

8. Why Stop At The Ceremony? – Why not go beyond the live streaming of the ceremony and create a video for the whole day, of which the live streaming is a part.


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