Planning That Can Wait


Time spent at home is potentially a great opportunity to plan your wedding. Although for a number, much of that time is taken up with working at home or looking after children. Whichever group you find yourself in, there’s no need to feel guilty about not getting everything done during the lockdown. There are only so many hours in the day.

To help you prioritise your tasks, here are five things that can wait until closer to the wedding date.

1. Finalising the wedding party. No doubt you’ve already told your best friends about your engagement and maybe decided on the maid of honour or best man. That said, there’s plenty of time to finalise the exact make-up of the “teams”. Who’s available and how big the wedding party should be – these are things that can wait until travel plans and many other things are resolved.

2. Buying your wedding outfit. Frustrating as it might be, wedding dresses and groom’s suits will still be available when the shops re-open. Put that to one side for now and keep an open mind about the sort of style you’re after as you look through magazines and online in coming weeks.

3. Planning your seating chart. As with the wedding party, there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge to know who’s attending, with or without travel restrictions. As a general rule, numbers don’t really come together until a few months before the big day, so wait until then.

4. Picking your first dance song. Your first dance song, and wedding music in general, are items to be tweaked along the way, especially if you’re hiring a DJ. keep listening and wait for the inspiration to hit you. It might be a classic song, but just as easily a sing you haven’t heard yet or hasn’t even been released.

5. Choosing smaller decor items. Details such as linen, wishing wells, table settings and favours can wait until you’ve made the big decisions on venue and flowers.

In the meantime, concentrate on the big ticket items of venue and date, and work on flowers, food, photographer and other vendors from there.

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