We’re Stronger Together

The past few weeks have been stressful on everyone. And there’s one thing that’s become obvious – we’re stronger working together.

That’s the ethos behind everything we do at Tui Hills, and it’s helping to guide us and the wonderful brides and grooms booked in coming months.

In consultation with our couples, we’ve come up with plans to help them move their dates if necessary and to set up plans to get them through the waiting and uncertainty.

The bottom line is that having a great wedding, in whatever form, is the goal – even if you might have to wait longer to get there.

In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing new wedding packages and services we hope will broaden our ability to meet the needs of those marrying post the lockdown.

We’ll also have some tips on how to plan your wedding from home, how to interact with our team remotely and how to make overseas guests part of the big day no matter what.

All of this wrapped up in the slogan “Keep Calm And Choose Love”. Because when all’s said and done, love will prevail.

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