Wedding Date Race 2021


The race is on to secure the best wedding dates in 2021. Will you be among the first in the queue to get the venue and vendors you want, on the day that you want? We suggest four ways to beat the squeeze on dates.

With many weddings being postponed in 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions, international experts are predicting a huge year for weddings in 2021, and there are concerns some couples might miss out on their preferred day, even having to get married mid-week.

Latest survey information from one of the world’s largest wedding websites, WeddingPro.com, shows that a third of couples who’ve rescheduled their weddings have done so to next year.

As the survey is based on data from the Northern Hemisphere, New Zealand figures for the number of wedding postponed will differ. But the trend is clear – postponements will take up many of the dates that would have been sold to couples in March, April and May, traditionally the season when a large number of weddings are sold for the coming summer and beyond.

Tui Hills CEO Ruth Carpenter says things could get particularly difficult for the end of 2021, even into 2022.

“We’ve seen a big increase in enquiries since New Zealand went into Level 1. I’m not sure if couples are following what’s been going on in the United States, but many are anxious to secure their wedding date sooner rather than later.”

Here are Ruth’s four tips for couples worried about wedding date availability:

1. Start looking now – It’s easy to think there’s plenty of time to get a good date in 2021, and going to venues in winter isn’t so appealing. But savvy couples are starting their search now, so dress for the cold and get amongst it.

2. Widen what’s acceptable to you – Holding out for a particular Saturday in February will make the job all the more difficult. You might end up getting an inferior venue and group of vendors. Work out a group of good dates and give yourself more choices.

3. Book for 2022 – This will take some of the pressure off, but only some. Calenders aren’t empty for 2022, or 2023 but at least there’s more space than in 2021.

4. Consider an off-peak wedding – Autumn is good, winter is even better if you want a wide choice of vendors and venues. Plus, you’ll save some money on venue hire.

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