Bride’s Room Secrets


A luxurious bride or groom’s room is the perfect place to get ready for your big day. Plus you avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a car. So what are the features to look for? Here’s our list:

1. Professional hair and make-up facilities – Getting ready in an improvised location such as a cottage or hotel room has its attractions, but it’s even better if you have the right mirror, lighting, seating and all the mod-cons.

2. A well-stocked fridge – Whether it’s Veuve Clicquot champagne, spring water or some bottles of lager, you have to stay refreshed. That said, be careful not to drink too much.

3. A snack selection – You also need to keep your strength up, especially if you start getting ready early in the morning. Snacks, and lunch of canapes will ensure you’re good to go by 3pm.

4. Comfy chairs – While you’re spending time with your besties getting hair and make-up done, or just kicking back, you want to do so in comfort, not sitting on the end of a bed or a straight-backed chair.

5. Phone chargers plus – An absolute must in this modern world, along with wifi and mobile cover.

6. An emergency kit – Over the course of the day, and night, you’ll need provisions to deal with headaches, stains, cut fingers and other mishaps.

7. Plenty of clothes hangers – For all those dresses of course, or suits if the groom’s party’s using the room.

8. A great sound system – The right music makes the best atmosphere.

9. A spacious bathroom – Say no more.

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