Dramatic Night Photos


 The native bush at Tui Hills is a photographer’s dream, and not just for daytime shots. Inventive photographers, such as Lionel Tan, can also use the darkness to create a magical image.

This gorgeous picture in the Kowhai Glade rotunda required a bit of thought though. Whilst there are lights within the structure, to get the fantastic halo effect extra lights had to be added, pointing upwards to the dome.

The light cast onto the ferns around the rotunda does the rest.

Knowing about such “tricks is one of the reasons to have one of our recommended photographers or videographers at your wedding.

Not only do they know the best places at the venue – and there are many of those – they’re also aware of the many photo opportunities nearby, including at the dramatic Bethells Beach.

Just ask our wedding coordinators about who might be best for your day and budget.

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Photo Ops

Picking a great photographer is important, so is choosing the right spots as a backdrop. At Tui Hills couples can get stunning photos around the venue, or travel just a few minutes to get immersed in the stunning scenery of the wild west coast.

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