Reducing Wedding Stress


Organising your own wedding can be a thrilling and uplifting experience, but too often couples get stressed out over the constant work involved. Here are six tips to make your wedding planning as stressless as possible.

1. Assemble a reliable team – There’s nothing worse than feeling that you’re doing all the work by yourself. As early as possible, assemble a team who are ready and willing to help. Keep that team to no more than a handful of people you can absolutely rely on. To make sure you can rely on anyone offering help, give them a few tasks straightaway. Those who come through right from the start with be with you right to the end.

2. Be realistic – Assess your resources and also what is most important to you. Make sure that the two match. If your resources – people and money – can’t deliver the wedding you’ve seen in Hollywood movies, don’t torture yourself by trying to deliver that. Change your expectations to something that’s achievable. And remember, it’s the person you’re marrying, and having your friends and family around you, that are the most important things.

3. Use a wedding planner – book or digital – Find a planner that lists all the tasks you need to achieve, along with a reasonable timeline. Don’t be afraid to alter the template. We prefer digital planners for their versatility, but a planner in book form has its benefits too, such as providing you with a treasured memento of your big day.

4. Get the big things done first – Once you’ve worked out all the things you need to do, tackle the big-ticket items first, starting with the venue, then catering and celebrant. 

5. Pamper yourself – A massage, aromatherapy, hair and beauty treatment – whatever means “pampering” to you, indulge yourself once in a while. And don’t feel guilty about it. Your wonderful wedding will still happen.

6. Take time out – This can’t be emphasised enough. If you’re a slave to organising your wedding you’ll begin to resent the process and by the time of the wedding you’ll be a wreck. Take time out! Get out of town for a weekend, go on holiday for a week, if you can. Otherwise, just take a weekend off at home. 

If an effortless wedding is your ultimate aim, take a look at our Concierge Wedding package where we do most of the planning for you, including finding high-quality vendors.

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