What’s Your Vision?

Know Your Style To Get The Best Venue


Before embarking on your venue search – spending hours on the internet lining up viewings – take some time to think about the type of wedding you’d like to have.

By working out your style, rather than doing the rounds in the hope that inspiration will strike, you’ll find the ideal location and save time and effort.

The key is to imagine the type of venue you see yourself marrying in and/or holding your reception. When you close your eyes, do you see yourself surrounded by nature in a beautiful garden, in a huge ballroom, at a vineyard, on the beach or at a yacht club, in a rustic old barn or somewhere else? All the other major decisions about decorations, flowers, type of cake and even the food and drink, will flow from that vision.

Not sure what your vision is? If so, then now’s the time to start looking at some wedding magazines, Pinterest and Instagram and other social media. Start searching by using the hashtags for the sorts of styles that might appeal, such as #gardenwedding and #rusticwedding. There’s a vast array of sites and media that will help in New Zealand and overseas.

Auckland is blessed with plenty of options for all types of venues, all with their distinct feel, including these three:



Ideal for the tranquillity and beauty that makes a memorable day, not to mention the great photos.


You will have seen plenty of weddings in huge ballrooms in American TV and movies. Is this you?


Sea views can add a romantic feel. Auckland, as the City of Sails, has plenty of options to choose from.

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