From Vegas With Love


Love is in the air at Tui Hills, and nothing says that more than these giant 1.1 metre-high love letters all the way from the USA.

At the Wedding MBA Convention in Las Vegas we saw these letters that looked like no others we’d seen for hire or in wedding publicity pictures.

Rather than having a line of light bulbs within each letter, these are lit with LEDs behind love hearts that change colour. That means you can choose to have your favourite colour on all the time, or have them change automatically between subtle shades of pink, blue and green.

With a press of a button, you can even change the time between each colour change so that you can see a gradual change of each colour to avoid the disco light effect, or go with it!

The letters look perfect on the Nikau Pavilion stage or in the Nectar Room.

Ask one of our wedding coordinators for details of all our hire items.

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