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New Planting Enhances Venue


Tui Hills has a reputation for being the venue that makes you feel in touch with nature amongst the ferns and palms that make the Waitakere Ranges so special.

That secluded native garden feeling is being enhanced with significant new plantings in the area near the Kowhai Glade – the main ceremony spot.

“For many years there’s been a pond there, but it didn’t really work with the feel of the venue and it was a continual battle keeping it free of weed,”  says Tui Hills’ owner Ruth Carpenter.

“The solution we’ve come up with is to return the area back to native bush, which will enhance the view walking down the bridal path to the Kowhai Glade and for the couple during the ceremony in front of the iconic rotunda.

For the past week or two, Tui Hills’ full-time gardener Robert Chittinappilly (pictured above), has been filling in the pond and planting a combination of Nikau Palms, a variety of pungas and ground ferns.

Ruth says, “We love how it looks already, and can’t wait for these new Nikaus, in particular, to grow to the size of the other larger ones which look so striking.”

“We’re already getting positive comments from couples at viewings, and they are, of course, the most important people to please.”


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