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Covid Assurance

Getting Peace of Mind for Your Wedding


If you have concerns about your big day going ahead because of Covid 19 restrictions, it feels so much better if you’ve taken measures to minimise the potential risk.  Here are six ways you can get the wedding you want and the peace of mind you deserve.

1. Marry Late – It is normal to book your wedding 6-12 months in advance. Consider booking 18 months to two years in advance (even later if you want) to decrease the risk of being caught by Covid restrictions at the border or in New Zealand itself. This also gives, giving more time for vaccination to work around the world.

2. Book Early – Of course, there are lots of other people with the same idea of booking a long way in advance, so if you want to get the best possible date, book as soon as you can. In the first full summer unaffected by Covid it’s expected that the number of weddings will rise dramatically. Don’t miss out on the date you want.

3. Have Reserve Dates in Mind – Tui Hills is happy to give a postponement for weddings that can’t go ahead because of Covid restrictions. It’s useful if you have some reserve dates already in mind. Given how the weddings calendar fills up, a group of dates makes most sense.

4. Beat the MIQ Rush – If you have key guests you need to bring to New Zealand from overseas, find out if they can come a few weeks or months earlier to beat the bottleneck of managed isolation. This won’t suit everyone, but you might be surprised how your nearest and dearest are happy to change their schedule.

5. Keep Guest Numbers Down – Ideally, your wedding should be less than 100 people as this tends to be the number used by the government to limit social gatherings. You can also opt to have fewer than 100 people invited up until a couple of months out from the date, by which times the Covid situation is likely to be more certain.

6. Set Up Live Streaming – If your important guests can’t make it, set up live streaming for the ceremony. At Tui Hills, extended wifi has been installed in the Kowhai Glade for exactly that purpose, with fibre internet being installed this month.

7. Work With the Right Venue – Most importantly, make sure your venue is sympathetic to the problems Covid presents. Talk to them about your concerns and ask for a copy of their Covid policy, such as the one we have at Tui Hills. If you feel the venue staff are unsure or vague, that’s a big warning sign.

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