Taking Names, Staying Safe


Safe wedding practice is going to demand some extra measures to stay within the requirements of Level Two. Tui Hills is already making plans.

The first of those is to set up a system for guests attending each wedding to pre-register. This will save the time and hassle of having to take names and other details on the day.

Guest information was previously required under Level Two in March, the aim being to be able to track and trace all guests should anyone attending later test positive.

Whilst taking details might seem a small matter, with up to 80+ guests attending, it has the potential to delay the start of the wedding and is also an inconvenience everyone can do without.

Through our contacts in the Venue Association in the United States, we’re investigating a range of software options to make the register of names quick and easy online.

Registration could be done individually or with a list submitted by the couple/organiser. Even if some guests bypass the form, getting as many details as possible before the day will still ensure an easier start to the wedding.

Meanwhile, we will, of course, have in place systems for venue cleaning, social distancing, providing hand sanitiser and any other requirements there may be.

As in everything we do, the safety and comfort of all attending is our primary concern.

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