That Wedding…


Do you remember who were the first bride and groom at Tui Hills? They’re a couple you might well know.

Auckland’s Carmen Stimpson and Christchurch lad James Hardy tied the knot back in July, although there wedding wasn’t screened until September.

Perhaps it was the chemistry, or maybe something about the venue, but the pair are still together (as of this post), reportedly spending weekends looking at houses to buy. This makes them the second Married at First Sight NZ success story after Angel and Brett in series one.

As James so eloquently put it just after the wedding: “Yeeeea boi! Couldn’t have asked for a better venue to meet this awesome chick!”

We wish them all the best for the future.

If you’d like to see how Tui Hills scrubbed up on the big day, have a look at the video above. 


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